The Putnam County Magistrate Court handles the following:  civil cases where the amount in controversy is $15,000 or less; garnishments; dispossessories; landlord/tenant disputes, criminal arrest warrants, probation warrants, and search warrants; abandoned vehicles; bond hearings; violations of county code; and bad check cases.

Please contact the court by email to or call 706-485-4306 with any questions regarding procedures. The Magistrate Judges and Clerks of the Magistrate Court cannot lawfully give legal advice, but we can provide general information and standard forms.  Should you need legal advice, we encourage you to seek legal counsel.

If you need legal assistance and cannot afford a lawyer, please contact the Georgia Legal Services Program.

Macon Regional Office
241 Third Street, P.O. Box 1057

Macon, Georgia 31202-1057

Telephone: (478)-751-6261
Automated Attendant: (478)-751-6500 EXT. 6516
Toll Free For Clients Only : (800)-560-2855
FAX: (478)-751-6581

Our office will provide forms for your use upon request via email to or telephone 706-485-4306.


  • Statement of Claim: $111.00
  • Dispossessory: $86.00
  • Writ of Possession/Foreclosure: $111.00
  • Garnishment:  $111.00
  • Abandoned Vehicle:  $38.00 + $14.00 for Certified Copies
  • Abandoned Mobile Home:  $TBD
  • Fifa  $29.00 (Must be split: $4.00 to Magistrate, $25.00 to Superior)
  • Warrant Application:  $20.00